Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Which one?

Hi, i've done a new painting which is slightly different to the original, but i'm unsure on which looks best to do on my final one. The first image is the new one, its not quite finished as i just need to put the stars on. (apologies for the line, i scanned it as 2 images) I haven't put as many washes on so it looks lighter, which I quite like but I need some opinions please!
Thanks Beckie x


  1. top one much better, better natural control of washes, less forced, more confident use of medium and refined detailed mark making

  2. yeah the first one is better, i dont like the outlines on the 2nd one, little thingsl like the flowers on the top one give it more character and the delicacy of your finishing is mental (good mental)

  3. awesome thanks, that's helped a lot. Just need to do a couple of little finishing touches. I did this one on a rough board and it seemed to give nicer effects.