Friday, 16 April 2010

Some silly questions about finished works

Hi guys,

I have some silly questions about hand in the finished work.

Should we stick the finished works on blackboards?

and the text, can we type on the pictures directly or should I stick them on the transparent films?

Sorry for the silly questions and my bad English.



  1. for macmillans? - if so you need to window mount your work so mount it on board and then a frame that should show just the image, not the bleed.
    and don't put text on your images, it should be on acetate, make sure you get the printable type though, i made that mistake last year and it smudged everywhere. i got some printable stuff off amazon.
    the acetate goes underneath the frame so whoever looks at your work can lift it up and see it without the text.
    hope that helps!
    beckie x

  2. Thank you, Beckie :D

    These information is really helpful!!!

    Elly x

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