Sunday, 18 April 2010

Macmillans brief?

Quick question:

It states in the macmillans brief that pencil roughs or sketches are required 'cover to cover', as well as 4 finished spreads.

Does this mean that all 32 original layout drawings for each page are required, or that only the dummy book is needed?

Me and Milan spoke about this and it still seems unclear ....
What is everybody else doing?



  1. I've done the dummy book, but I had to draw out all of the 32 pages for that anyway.
    I just thought we had to submit the dummy book and 4 spreads?
    beckie x

  2. in the past it has been a dummy book and four spreads. But read the brief carefully, as I think it says sketches/ studies should/could? be included. Read the brief!! (btw I don't have one on me, and therefore I'm saying "READ THE BRIEF"