Saturday, 10 April 2010

New Spread

This is a piece I've just completed, any comments or advice would be appreciated :) The text placement needs tightening on the right hand and I might still mute the colours a litttle.


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  2. first off wow!
    i love the softer aproach of the girl. the shading is gorgus. as always. i like the contrast between the skin and the curtain, and the blond hair. the only crit id say i that the hand is seems too small. the hand is the same height as your face. to ur chin to ur forehead if u stretch your hand over ur face :)

  3. hey cherry thanks!
    her limbs are smaller because i still draw balloon sized heads in comparison to the rest of the body. if it starts looking too awkward though i may reduce it to a realistic size. looking at it now- the hand does seem like a midget claw doesnt it. thanks for the hand/face tip as well lol

  4. hmm now u mention it ur right, u do have a large head style. i forgot about consistancy.
    maybe if you gave her a thinner more bonier wrist it will look more proportionate in ur style :)
    looks amazing by the way! i have always admired the way you color. i dunu how u have the patience for it lol worth it tho

  5. arr yeah thats a good idea actually- it looks a bit stumpy like a grown ups hand, i knew it looked a bit odd.
    thanks cherry appreciate it! graphics tablet doesnt work so ive been colouring with the mouse. i love a challenge me. xxx

  6. is that a clam shell stuck on her forehead, or has it half a plasticine bow?

  7. yeah yeah alright its a bow. ill work back into it

  8. chiu stop being a pain in the ass! milan its great, clam shell or not - i knew it wasa bow.