Friday, 27 February 2009

Comparative Research- Something a little different

Fulfilling part of my homework for posting up some of my compartative research, but more than that something i thought was quite beautiful and influential for picture book people. Its called "The Hauschka Trilogy" and its a 3 part animation which are music videos for a band called Hauschka. The music and the watercolour drawn style i thought was amazing, especially the characters and something i thought children would respond to but also has a personal quality that anyone could appreciate. The magical, fantasy element really caught my inspiration and personally influenced me on appraoches for my picture book "The Snow" in terms of imagination and use of watercolour/character. So yea there we go, here's the link for people to check out, it plays one after another, so you just have to press play really! enjoy!


Hey -

Does anyone know of any good online libraries? Trying to research children's picture books without buying every one is proving difficult!

Any ideas?

Monday, 23 February 2009


I found this site along my research. It's pretty cool. Basically it's set by two women and they talk and critise about books. They include many stuff such as links to other relevant sites, interviews, links to illustrators and writers etc. Its a great source of resources! They include many categories including childrens book. You could chose that from the categories on the right and then if you scroll down on the right they provide many many links for children's books

also, from that site i found this illustrator, Fernando Falcone, whose illustrations i loved at the very instant. He illustrates classical children's book such as Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Little Red Ridinhood but with a very dark style. Awesome!

Friday, 20 February 2009

Trapped by monsters.

Collaborative website between several book Illustrators: Barry Hutchison, Sam Enthoven, Ali Sparks, Joe Craig, Andy Briggs, Tommy Donbavand, Mark Robson and David Melling in which they have all been kidnapped by monsters.

The site is used to showcase their illustrations, work and press details; it's an interesting way of showing your work, maybe not on your own but within a group :)

Trapped by monsters.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Connah Brecon and Clotilde Perrin

Just found this amazing book from Cherry, called "Tomorrow" by Connah Brecon.
Loads of lovely imagery, big paintings with small almost hand looking written text.
I really like the effect of the big double spreads, and the style and form of the text is the same as what im looking at and trying to incorporate into my work.

Also looking at the work of Clotilde Perrin and the book that Chiu showed us in week one "Le Colis Rouge". Great fantastical imagery, plus mix of expressive double spreads and tight detail work too. Thats the kind of style that im looking at at the moment, his website is below-
loads of really interesting images

Maurice Sendak

With picture books I've been really inspired by Maurice Sendak, i love the imagination in Where the Wild Things are, and the drawing style is dark, but also has a childish edge which is why i think it's been so successful. Also I don't know if anyone has seen it, but his book "In the Night Kitchen" is really dreamy/surreal but lots of fun. So I tried to find some links which have some interesting insights:

A Page of some of his sketches:

I don't have real audio, have to download it first, but for anyone who does theres interviews with both Sendak and Quentin Blake on this page:

A recent interview:

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Looking at Children’s Books: All you need to know about the children’s book industry

This one-day event provides a full overview on all you need to know about working in the field of children’s book illustration. There will also be opportunities to browse, purchase or order books and resources.
This event is open to illustration students and working illustrators at different stages of their professional career.This event is open to illustration students and working illustrators at different stages of their professional career. BOOK NOW to secure your place.