Friday, 27 February 2009


Hey -

Does anyone know of any good online libraries? Trying to research children's picture books without buying every one is proving difficult!

Any ideas?


  1. I'd say the easiest way is to go into waterstones and look at them there (they have chairs and everything and you could use your camera phone to take pictures) or charity shops (thats where all of mine are from >.>). I can't think of a place that has whole books online...I'm probably going to try and bring in a big stack, some of which I'll be selling on Tuesday that I bought from my library over christmas...I bought them dirt cheap but I'll probably be reselling them at 30p for paperbacks and 40p for hardbacks >.>...just to make some of my money back as I bought like 50 o.o

  2. I'll bring in plenty of change Jess if you decide to do that!