Thursday, 19 February 2009

Connah Brecon and Clotilde Perrin

Just found this amazing book from Cherry, called "Tomorrow" by Connah Brecon.
Loads of lovely imagery, big paintings with small almost hand looking written text.
I really like the effect of the big double spreads, and the style and form of the text is the same as what im looking at and trying to incorporate into my work.

Also looking at the work of Clotilde Perrin and the book that Chiu showed us in week one "Le Colis Rouge". Great fantastical imagery, plus mix of expressive double spreads and tight detail work too. Thats the kind of style that im looking at at the moment, his website is below-
loads of really interesting images

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  1. beautiful drawing style that he uses even in his travel sketches - I love this, because often picture book illustrators use a different style for their "other work" which I think is kind of a pity