Friday, 31 July 2009


Hey people I have been working on a few new stories which I will develop into children's books and future inksoups, the latter being more experimental than the usual pencil work.
These are my initial ideas for new stories, which i have began to panel out and have started doodling ideas for characters.

This is a piece i completed about a month ago for my piano story....

... and I am currently working towards a new piece for the book, which is near completion and I will upload it next week when it is coloured and polished.

I've also raided the kids section of the central library for artist/mixed media/narrative research, you can take out up to 8 books for a month so its worth going down and having a rummage!

Thats all for now :) hope everyone is progressing well with their work.

A visit from KI.

Hey there! Theses are a few sketchs of my new character Ki! (Key). Cant wait to use KI in a narrative! Definatley my favourite creation at the minute, but for the time being im really just enjoying painting without deadlines or guidelines! Anyhow hope you lot are having a good summer! Let me know what ya think!? Chiu!! be gently! :)

Cheers Guy

O and check out

Not much!

Well being as Chiu is hassling everyone ;o) ill put up a few sketches im working on. Im working on one of 3 ideas for my range of stories and this particular character is a toucan named woody.

More to come but this is just a quick update!

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Parker Collection at Central Library

I've just been to see The Parker Collection at Birmingham Central Library
A Fantastic collection of books dating back to 1830

A few book titles that I jotted down, that just per chance happen to both have pigs in them, were:

and a more modern illustrator - Iassen Ghiuselev

Friday, 17 July 2009

Help please

Hey guys
I borrowed today a wacom from uni. you re supposed to just plug it in and it works but i plugged it and apparently there isnt any electricity going through, even if plugged in. i tried different ones and on a dif laptop as well..
any ideas/suggestions about it? :s


Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Recent shenanigans..

Well this is an illy I have just completed for Rick Ragabash which will be sent off to Templar shortly.

Any feedback would be jolly nice!


New Double Spread

This is the new spread for good ol' piano boy.
Any commentaries would be appreciated :)
Hope everyone is doing alraaaat and enjoying the overcast weather.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Magination Press

This is also a site I was advised to look at, although based in America I can view their online catalogue to see what they have published. This has been useful to see what sort of things are on the market already.
The research I've done so far has sort of made me think more about my direction at this stage. Whether or not I want to directly inform children of social issues or whether to, like many others, create a story with a hidden moral message.
Decisions, decisions!

Hi everyone! Following on from my plans for my project I have continued to email some people for advice and have received some really helpful stuff! Here is just a small section of an email I received by a writer named Yvonne Russell. She has written previously for children's picture books regarding social issues so she made very interesting reading!


Following on from the idea of trying to achieve backgrounds, i looked at Gustave Dore (cheers Chiu) which is packed with detail and atmosphere. Another option could be simplifying it, so to only include the most important parts of the narrative. Kent Williams' The Fountain does this, using just an outline of supporting characters which still creates depth and covers that awkward blank space but keeps focus purely on the subject.
hope this is useful nay

Friday, 3 July 2009

Any more sneaky monsters?

Um, i m trying a new style approach and this is basically the 1st sample page for it..
I made 1st the coloured one and then i made a b&w sketch where i changed it a bit and it s more close to the actual dimensions of the book (if i ever finish it!).
Well the idea was the backround to be filled with 'sneaky monsters' yet i kinda ran out of ideas of what else i could put there...any ideas?


p.s. sorry for the really bad quality, i don have a scanner at the mom so i have to do with with photos of the pictures..


Hey everyone. Hope you're all having a good heatwave/thunderstorm. Here are some new pieces for Rick Ragabash I've just coloured on Photoshop and I need some feedback! Any comments appreciated :)