Friday, 31 July 2009

Not much!

Well being as Chiu is hassling everyone ;o) ill put up a few sketches im working on. Im working on one of 3 ideas for my range of stories and this particular character is a toucan named woody.

More to come but this is just a quick update!


  1. this is an unexpected shift in style for you. make sure you consider the situation your character is in, and it's interaction with that environment. This will determine "whole compositions" as opposed to single character drawings.

  2. yes, i decided it was worth trying a few new things as the old stuff didnt really rock my world or anyone elses to be honest! im working a lot on my characters right now so they should come together a bit easier in the long run. ive got some great books helping me.

  3. I think this "realization is n important and very mature reflection". I've had the same feeling for my own work - It's often related to which market audience you want to impress. What worked before for one audience, changes as you move on to another.