Monday, 6 July 2009

Magination Press

This is also a site I was advised to look at, although based in America I can view their online catalogue to see what they have published. This has been useful to see what sort of things are on the market already.
The research I've done so far has sort of made me think more about my direction at this stage. Whether or not I want to directly inform children of social issues or whether to, like many others, create a story with a hidden moral message.
Decisions, decisions!


  1. hey vicki good stuff so far sounds likwe you're getting well stuck into it! i think theres a deff a market for social issues and other stuff like environment and there are cross overs between having a social message and moral message but as long as the social message isnt slap in the face obvious. things like when the wind blows was very successful but a little obvious, but that was also due to the state of the european political landscape of the time (cold war etc). it depends on the subject and how u portray it i reckon. varmints is a cautionary tale about the environment (could be potentialy really dull) but executed in a really beautiful way. i might look at this sort of stuff too because if u can condense big subjects appropriately then itll be worth looking at more testing issues. i hope some of this may have helped lol good luck with your research :) x

  2. thanks milan! yes thanks for the feedback, i just want to make sure i make the right decisions about what direction im going in! i dont want to waste any time going head on into something just because i think it sounds good! so im making sure the research is all good this time round! hope everythings well your end, whats happening with the night out?! thought dais was arrangin summit?

  3. The Island by Armin Greder and The Rabbits by Shaun Tan are two other examples of really stunning illustration but aimed at older children (themes of colonisation, alienation, immigration..) And yes When The Wind Blows...but this is most definitely aimed at adults rather than children. Have you seen the ending!!
    Other social issues that you could look into are stuff like divorce...same sex marriages...disability...bereavement...there are a ton of children's books on these subjects, although some of them leave a lot to be desired!! I researched a load for my dissertation so if you need any pointers...

    Anyhooo I rambled a bit there. It's late. Good luck :)

  4. hi naomi! thanks for your feedback! yes im going to look at as many aspects as possible before deciding on 3 or 4 to develop because i need to see which ones are richer in information than others etc.

  5. Yeah i heard about the end of when the wind blows, its just deceiving because it has a child like aesthetic- thats probably what makes it more harrowing. the island is disturbing as well.
    hey vicki yeah i not sure about that yet, i think we might do something next weekend or the week after that. ill give you a text. i havent had time to even start researching yet for dissertation, been doing illustration work. all sounds good though vikram. hope you're well- text u soon x