Wednesday, 8 July 2009

New Double Spread

This is the new spread for good ol' piano boy.
Any commentaries would be appreciated :)
Hope everyone is doing alraaaat and enjoying the overcast weather.


  1. you've got to be careful of those awkward moments: the top most bee hitting on the vertical line of the open cupboard, and the bed floating in the air. There are some great developments however, with the clarity of the text, the face and hair of the boy are really great as of course the texture and folds of the sheets and blankets.

    If I wanted to make this a fantastic picture, as opposed to a great picture I would also focus on the feeling of the bees picking up the blanket, at the moment they look just placed strategically over an appropriate pattern - get a clothes peg and a string and image that is the bee picking up your blanket. The top line of the clock on the cupboard shouldn't really touch the far line of the cupboard - some classic photographic faux pas - as in the infamous man walking behind in the distance looks like his walking on top of the head of the person in foreground.

  2. this is soooo beautiful milan! you hard worker you!

  3. thanks vicki :) thats lifted my spirits lol x