Friday, 3 July 2009

Any more sneaky monsters?

Um, i m trying a new style approach and this is basically the 1st sample page for it..
I made 1st the coloured one and then i made a b&w sketch where i changed it a bit and it s more close to the actual dimensions of the book (if i ever finish it!).
Well the idea was the backround to be filled with 'sneaky monsters' yet i kinda ran out of ideas of what else i could put there...any ideas?


p.s. sorry for the really bad quality, i don have a scanner at the mom so i have to do with with photos of the pictures..


  1. I'm really glad I lent you that Arthur Rackham book - the colours in this are great! I especially like the yellow. You should make sure the words don't get cut off at the sides: like th-

    Also if you're thinking of adding more sneaky monsters, be careful not to cramp the blank space because I think that is really effective.

    :) Kt.

  2. heh thnx kt :) i ll have in mind for the hyphenation as well..i keep forgetting about it :s