Thursday, 18 August 2011

nature centre!

just thought id let everyone know incase anyone didnt.. for some animal reference drawing practice i advise everyone to go to the nature centre on pershore road! theres loads of animals and its only £3 for students... giant tortoises, a lynx, monkeys, porquepines, a red panda, loads of cool birds, lemurs, meerkats, as well as goats, bunnies and emus?! i only live about 4 minutes walk so have invested in a year season ticket for £30 so i can go hang with the animals all the tiiiime.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Dragon Concepts And Inspiration.

Have been drawing reptiles as they have given me more inspiration towards the dragon picture book.
Looking in particular at eyes and skin/skin patterns. May now use this more realistic look and apply it to my dragon for the picture book. Once I have applied it I will start focusing on whats going on around the dragon, like the scenery and other things. I'm not happy with the style at the moment of the dragon scene i illustrated previously. If i want it to look realistic I need to refine my drawing but this will be hard work. 

                                                                Dragon Concepts

    These are my original sketches from before. It was here I was deciding wether to go more realistic or do my own take on the dragons skin and going for more of a simple pattern that iv'e used in previous work. so i'm just showing were I am at the moment, trying to get more realism into my drawings. i think this is one of the main things I have realised from doing this project and also the fact that i need to be drawing the bigger picture and not just focusing on one thing. I will be putting the drawings up of the scenes soon with a more realistic take on them. Any comments or advise on what i'm doing would help thanks.