Thursday, 22 October 2009

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A new road!

As usual I start something then inevitably change tack for whatever reason which this time i wont bore you with but here are 4 pages from my new story which will become part of a series. My audience has now changed to older children, about 12 + really id say. More to come as I  
finish each page!


Sunday, 18 October 2009

Meeting Anthony Browne at the Cheltenham Festival

This is an awesome post for me to be able to write, as we were give the chance to meet piccie book illustrator Anthony Browne today following his one hour session as part of the Cheltenham Festival. Bar my dorky grin and Cherry's interesting expression, it was a class day after he gave some background as to his inspirations, and his methods of teaching children stories purely through his illustration. We also had a quick chat after at the book signing session and i gave him a few cheeky badges one of which he is (ridiculously chuffed!) to be wearing in this photo.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

SCBWI conference

21st-22nd november, click on the link for further details, event for children's book illustrators and authors. Main points are that there will be art directors from walker, little tiger press and egmont and on the saturday there will be an open portfolio session to show work. sounds good for getting professional feedback from the very experienced panel attending.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Paw-lar Bear

Hey guys
I drew this on Sunday jus for fun and finished the colouring today.
It s a tiny picture story/sequence wonna-be artist s book mbe? I havent decided what i m gonna do with it but i do wona see it in somethin more substansial(..i think that is the word) than just drawings in my sketchbook.

It s a textless story-if you can call it this-which is:
Paw the polar bear, loves playin with his paws. But suddenly there are all over the place paw prints. We look around to find out whose paw are they and then Ha!Paw shyly admits they are his. 'What to do?' he shrugs and smiles and continues to play with his paws..

This is the over all story.
I havent decided whether i would add text or not that s why i havent worked on it.

I wanted to do is as a small saddle-stich booklet style buT i have problem with the pagination. i m missing two pages which i have no idea what to do with. I might have to add four endpages (so the whole layout wont be ruined aargh :s). But even so, i still have problem with printing it out as the photocopiers dont do double sided in practise (i was trying to make it work the other day and it was hopeless, and the librarian didn know how to help me either). Any other ideas of how i could print it and get the booklet or book-ish output?(without costing me a leg and an arm :s)
Thnx :)

Sunday, 11 October 2009

South Bank Show

Hey just a quick one, there's a documentary on Disney Pixar on now ITV1, its all about how they created their stories and how they touch on the emotions of children, story concepts etc i think itll be helpful for picture book buddies! Sorry for the short notice only just realised it was on few mins ago

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Spilt Glitter

New piece for Piano and la boy, ive changed the composition a little for this one so it still has balance but doesnt rely so much on straight symmetry. I'm still quite not happy with the sky but on the whole content with the final illustration. I know you love this portion of text from the story Chiu, now you can read it aloud to yourself whenever you feel like. Any opinions would be lavvly.


Now for these i can comment :)
It was on Saturday, part of the Cheltenham festival (i posted it a few days ago about it). I booked the two events on that day with Chris Riddell and both were fantastic.
The 1st,

1001 Children’s Books: Julia Eccleshare, Michael Morpurgo, Chris Riddell

was the three of them sitting on stage and discussing about children's books. Michael Morpurgo also read a part of one of his favorite stories and then they discoussed the link of the books they grew up and like and how that is passed on, which is mainly why so many classics are still so popular.

The other event i went which was only with Chris Riddell, Monsters and Mice, Chris read us two of his stories and then talked about how he started etc.
At the end, he chose a kid from the front, asked him to draw a big shape and then on, based on the childrens' requests on how many eyes/mouths etc there should be, he drew a monster. Pretty cool.
I didnt really have the chance to make him a small interview cz he was signing and then had to go else as well, but i did get to ask him whether he could come and give a small talk here and he said that for that we should contact with his agent.


Just some pics from Thursday..I don't have much comments about this event so i think i should let someone else comment about it..

Sunday, 4 October 2009


I made up some postcards and wanted some opinions on them - I don't know whether to make them normal postcard size or one size up. And I don't know whether I should put anything on the back? Also I put some borders on them which I am unsure about - should I keep them?

I'm not sure I will include the last image. I like the colours but not the drawing but I thought that 3 coloured and 3 black and white would make more sense!

I Don't Like Bedtimes!

Hello everyone! This is my story I am aiming to fully illustrate by christmas. I had a lot of fun doing it this way but I'd be grateful for any thoughts regarding what I've done. The imagery I am aiming towards is photorealism contrasted with some of my usual stuff. I'm waiting on a really good source book so I can get my faces looking just as I want them so at the mo I'm just drawing to keep me in shape. Let me know what you think!

I Don't Like Bedtimes!

I don't like bedtimes, they make me feel bad,
I get all hot and bothered and that makes me mad.

I toss and I turn and I get all fed up!
Then Dad comes with cocoa in my favourite cup.

"I'm not ready to sleep!" I yell at my Dad.
He tells me I must and that makes me sad.

But I could not drop off, try as I might,
This time I thought, I'd be up all night.

I got up in the morning feeling totally rotten,
Mum's told me before but I must have forgotten.

"If you moan and groan on your way up to bed,
You'll wake in the morn like a bear with a sore head!

But if you skip up to bed with a big cheesey grin,
You'll be right off to sleep before Dad tucks you in!"

I sloped off to school feeling dreadful that morning,
I sat at my desk and thought of Mum's warning.

Too tired to learn made my schoolday a chore,
I needed some sleep, my bed I longed for.

So when I went off to bed, later that night,
Dad gave me a kiss and tucked me in tight.

"And remember sweet dreams when you close your eyes!"
But I'd already gone, and that's no surprise!


Any comments would be great guys thanks!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

John Shelley is doing a workshop on Saturday 10th Oct...
£5 in for students (with student card)
£8 otherwise