Saturday, 10 October 2009

Spilt Glitter

New piece for Piano and la boy, ive changed the composition a little for this one so it still has balance but doesnt rely so much on straight symmetry. I'm still quite not happy with the sky but on the whole content with the final illustration. I know you love this portion of text from the story Chiu, now you can read it aloud to yourself whenever you feel like. Any opinions would be lavvly.


  1. wow milan. you gots some serious detail skilz. i like how the boy looks so small and innocent against the landscape. i can imagine how hard it is to make text fit with your detialed illustraitions,and i think it works really well. x

  2. much more dynamic line structures within your composition - there are still some blind spots which I think will always make me smile when your work gets published:

    The far bottom edge of the fence that the boy is climbing over looks like it is floating on or even forward past the wall it is supposed to be behind, or is it?

    The boys left arm wraps into the wood, instead of round, or even better have it re-positioned, but would you? (stubborn ***)

    where's the boy's right gone?

    The text!! Could you have just stuck to that successful upper blue and lowered it to delineate your text, no! You had to cause friction with a cloud, making it not impossible, but not a comfortable read

    That said, I think it's the most successful image you've made since the street scene with the mice in the drain pipes + I would put this on my wall!

  3. haha yeah u have made a few good points here, i will get round to changing certain areas, i do enjoy a little friction now and again, however i may just make it a clearer sky to give the text space to breathe.

    ok ok i may become less stubborn and redraw the arm, although its not as horrific as the posture in that freddie and the fairy one. the boys right arm is meant to be behind his thigh and the fence, depending on how you look at it, it may appear awkward so i'll figure it out.

    ok cheers! thanks for all your criticism and compliments... ill work back into those bits.

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  5. actually, I love the windmill draws us back into the distance, only for it to be the middle ground, as we are drawn even further back by your landscape - a beautiful sense of depth

  6. "the way the windmill draws us back into..."

  7. thanks chiu :) the main of the image is derived from a single photograph however the mill and the boy are elements I have super-imposed so to speak so i'm relieved you feel they have to a length complimented the image and its overall look.