Saturday, 10 October 2009


Now for these i can comment :)
It was on Saturday, part of the Cheltenham festival (i posted it a few days ago about it). I booked the two events on that day with Chris Riddell and both were fantastic.
The 1st,

1001 Children’s Books: Julia Eccleshare, Michael Morpurgo, Chris Riddell

was the three of them sitting on stage and discussing about children's books. Michael Morpurgo also read a part of one of his favorite stories and then they discoussed the link of the books they grew up and like and how that is passed on, which is mainly why so many classics are still so popular.

The other event i went which was only with Chris Riddell, Monsters and Mice, Chris read us two of his stories and then talked about how he started etc.
At the end, he chose a kid from the front, asked him to draw a big shape and then on, based on the childrens' requests on how many eyes/mouths etc there should be, he drew a monster. Pretty cool.
I didnt really have the chance to make him a small interview cz he was signing and then had to go else as well, but i did get to ask him whether he could come and give a small talk here and he said that for that we should contact with his agent.

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  1. thanks for filling us in! i might nag u with more questions about what they said on saturday, i would have come along but me and murray only got home late friday night. x