Monday, 12 October 2009

Paw-lar Bear

Hey guys
I drew this on Sunday jus for fun and finished the colouring today.
It s a tiny picture story/sequence wonna-be artist s book mbe? I havent decided what i m gonna do with it but i do wona see it in somethin more substansial(..i think that is the word) than just drawings in my sketchbook.

It s a textless story-if you can call it this-which is:
Paw the polar bear, loves playin with his paws. But suddenly there are all over the place paw prints. We look around to find out whose paw are they and then Ha!Paw shyly admits they are his. 'What to do?' he shrugs and smiles and continues to play with his paws..

This is the over all story.
I havent decided whether i would add text or not that s why i havent worked on it.

I wanted to do is as a small saddle-stich booklet style buT i have problem with the pagination. i m missing two pages which i have no idea what to do with. I might have to add four endpages (so the whole layout wont be ruined aargh :s). But even so, i still have problem with printing it out as the photocopiers dont do double sided in practise (i was trying to make it work the other day and it was hopeless, and the librarian didn know how to help me either). Any other ideas of how i could print it and get the booklet or book-ish output?(without costing me a leg and an arm :s)
Thnx :)

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