Sunday, 4 October 2009


I made up some postcards and wanted some opinions on them - I don't know whether to make them normal postcard size or one size up. And I don't know whether I should put anything on the back? Also I put some borders on them which I am unsure about - should I keep them?

I'm not sure I will include the last image. I like the colours but not the drawing but I thought that 3 coloured and 3 black and white would make more sense!

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  1. hey katie :) i like the first one because its almost a collage of your work, any illustrators we have had in say they want to see that you can draw variety, so i reckon thats a good example. you could leave your name on the front but shift the details to the back?? i tihnk if u leave your name on the front surrounded by your work it will look nicer.
    the second one also shows loads of different expressions but i prefer your pencil based and drypoint work, it looks more individual.

    i think the last illustration is gorgeous, very deacon-y! i love the one on the top! looks a bit like the chipmunks we saw. maybe change the colours slightly if your not happy but i would definitely use it as a postcard!

    x x x