Saturday, 10 October 2009


Just some pics from Thursday..I don't have much comments about this event so i think i should let someone else comment about it..

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  1. thanks Niovi! comments on the event - well it was a talk by Tom Gauld and simone Lia, who had some interesting things in amongst some pretty ordinary chatting. A few favourites:
    From Tom:
    comics are about controlling time, you can show time without trapping the reader, unlike movies which does not allow for the reader to control the pace (unless you count the pause button I suppose)
    I don't draw what it looks like, I draw how it works to fit into my world.
    From Simone Lia:
    I like to make things human.
    I like small and tiny characters that can appear insignificant but can do great things.
    Be careful not to limit yourself too much, you need to be open to different possibilities - talking about accepting different industry jobs