Sunday, 18 October 2009

Meeting Anthony Browne at the Cheltenham Festival

This is an awesome post for me to be able to write, as we were give the chance to meet piccie book illustrator Anthony Browne today following his one hour session as part of the Cheltenham Festival. Bar my dorky grin and Cherry's interesting expression, it was a class day after he gave some background as to his inspirations, and his methods of teaching children stories purely through his illustration. We also had a quick chat after at the book signing session and i gave him a few cheeky badges one of which he is (ridiculously chuffed!) to be wearing in this photo.


  1. the session was really interesting and was even useful to me :D it made me realise just how much more imaginative children are then us ahaha
    i look pretty much drunk in this picci!
    we were the only students there, and probably the only ones with intentions of stalking him, which was good for us :)milan asked him about coming to BCU, after extortion with badges, to look at portfolios etc, but we was refered to his agent. which was sat right next to him convienetley enough!

  2. great! let me know what his agent said, I'm dying to know :)