Monday, 23 February 2009


I found this site along my research. It's pretty cool. Basically it's set by two women and they talk and critise about books. They include many stuff such as links to other relevant sites, interviews, links to illustrators and writers etc. Its a great source of resources! They include many categories including childrens book. You could chose that from the categories on the right and then if you scroll down on the right they provide many many links for children's books

also, from that site i found this illustrator, Fernando Falcone, whose illustrations i loved at the very instant. He illustrates classical children's book such as Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Little Red Ridinhood but with a very dark style. Awesome!


  1. hello there

    another artist who illustrate Alice, yo might like the style

  2. heh thnx i really liked him :) from his site i found his agency which has many other illustrators which are pretty interesting as well )