Thursday, 19 February 2009

Maurice Sendak

With picture books I've been really inspired by Maurice Sendak, i love the imagination in Where the Wild Things are, and the drawing style is dark, but also has a childish edge which is why i think it's been so successful. Also I don't know if anyone has seen it, but his book "In the Night Kitchen" is really dreamy/surreal but lots of fun. So I tried to find some links which have some interesting insights:

A Page of some of his sketches:

I don't have real audio, have to download it first, but for anyone who does theres interviews with both Sendak and Quentin Blake on this page:

A recent interview:


  1. Its a good book in the night kitchen, inspired heavily by the work of Winsor Maccay's Little Nemo in Slumberland and dreams of a rarebit fiend (really early comics) which you should definately check out if you're interested in him. I have a really good book about him that I found in a bargain bin for £5 (I am apparently the only person in the North who likes illustration)
    which I'd definately recommend...I would offer to loan you it but its one mother of a book in terms of weight so its not really practical to cart around o.<...

    ps. remember to hyper link (which I can't do in comment o.o) or the chiu monster gets mad >.>

  2. Ah I like Maurice Sendak, the only reason he did monsters in where the wild things are is because he failed at drawing horses which was his initial idea and the monsters are based on some of his family members.