Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Guys, I deleted that last post because it was really frustrating me that that photo looked so awful, the next time I'm in town I'll see if i can hop into uni and use the scanner there which should hopefully be big enough.
I'm slighty freaking out about professional practice because I haven't been putting that before Macmillan's stuff. Do you think I should swap focus? I mean the fact is, how can I be submiting work to publishers when the work I'd want to be submitting is the stuff I'm doing now- therefore it's not finished??

lou x


  1. I've been doing exactly the same! Its really hard to know where to put the most effort!
    I wouldn't worry too much about putting evidence in that you're sending work off, because you're not ready - i had the same worry!
    I'm just going to do a plan and how I will go about getting my work published, and to who, I think.
    I'm glad it wasn't just me stressing though!
    beck x

  2. LOL sorry about deleted comments kept making crappy spelling errors.

    its as important if not a bit more important then the work your doing for projects. as without knowloge about the industry and how to apply your work so id get noticed, your work is pretty much useless.i know this cuz am useless at selling myself in person lol and it does effect my work geting out there so i try to make up for it with promotional material.

  3. The two should go hand in hand. I.e. your Macmillan work should be in your professional practice portfolio. It's not rocket science?????

  4. Unless of course, you don't want to do anything with picture books, in which case you need to question why you want to do the Macmillans in the first place????