Wednesday, 7 April 2010

finishing techniques


I've been experimenting with finishing techniques and i'm not sure which one works best. One is just a painting and the other is the same painting but with ink on top (the colours look better on the original) also what do you think of the composition and overall layout of this spread? any opinions or advice would be great



  1. got to go with the top one, as soon as I saw it, I went wow! Very competent! The line adds a lot more to it.

    With both you and Lou, the selling factor, not only for Macmillans, but for selling your ideas to a other publisher will be showing what you can do with the other spreads. I.e. basically a range of spreads that show us that you can cover different backgrounds, character situations, and viewpoints, and yet still retain a consistency - I just bought Emma Chichester Clark's Alice & Wonderland, as she is great at this - though all her characters look stoned or indifferent - but her mute colours and variety of compositions rock

  2. i think the top one works better, it doesn't look as flat as the other one. The bottom one looks a bit unfinished. Maybe a little more detailed lines on the shading would finish it off? Goats look very cute though!

  3. Thanks so much, I’m glad you like it, there was definitely something missing in the bottom one. I’m trying to choose interesting and different types of spreads for the others but I’m hoping the ink line and style will keep the consistency and link them together, thanks for your comments

  4. Yeah I guess I'm hoping my patterns, use of pastel paper, and style will link all mine together.....
    And the top one for deffo Em, it looks really really great!! I love that you have one goat thats too busy getting fussed to be moving the bricks as well :) The line work adds so much more depth to your image, tis looking real good :)