Thursday, 14 May 2009

First page for freddie

This is more or less my final first page for freddie. there are few things i'm not happy with like the perspective just looks a bit odd and the type is a little cramped. any comments?


  1. It's a beautiful drawing! I think the perspective is very inventive and you should keep it that way, however I think one of the reasons you think it looks odd maybe is cos the nose is drawn as if we're looking at it from the side - yet we are viewing the rest of freddie's face more or less from straight on. maybe if the nose was tweaked a lil bit it will make the perspective make more sense?
    that be my friendly advice, feel free to ignore it though lol :)

    oh and as for the type, maybe do what cherry did with her type and have the image fade slightly around it ? it would create the illusion of more space. if you get me..

    nay xxx

  2. actually yeah i dint realise that- his shnozzle is a little off. yeah i might try that with the type- i took some cheeky leafage out but its still a bit cosy up there. thanks :) x x