Sunday, 17 May 2009

Printing the blog

Hey guys!
a bit last moment, but, does anyone know how to print their blog?? cz everytime i try it prints on one page the posts and the other the details (which normally are next to the posts). and when i put it as landscape it s still kinda dodgy. I did try word but that s even worse! aaargh :s
any tips please?



  1. i have no idea! im waiting for someone else to reply to this post because im trying to do it too :S

  2. if its on mac u press command shift and 4,
    or command shift and 3

    if its on a vista u type snip into search and use the snip tool

    if its on a normal pc....i dont know LOL

  3. Pc, I think just go to File and Print, it should print out okay, just in case press Print preview.

    Dunno if that will help, but it's how I printed mine :)

  4. heh thnx :)i did try with the print preview and it work if only for the 1st page bt better something than nothing :)