Sunday, 10 May 2009


ummm...for L6s really...has anyone thought about framing their work for the exhibition, as in, where to buy them from and whether anyone will be getting any made especially? i think i may have to do that for my ridiculously long picture. most awkward. the biggest size i've found so far on the net for custom made is 100cmx150cm. which will cost me approximately a zillion pounds. more research needed i think..

let me know what all your framing plans are ! xx


  1. we could contact Log at the custard factory and see if he's willing to do some kind of deal that would mean L6 illustrators with specialist sized frames go to him every year?

  2. I think I'm going to have this problem for my A2 images aswell.

  3. I'm doing like a really long bannered thing...but I think i'm gonna just have that unframed >.> mostly because it'll be stupidly awkward...the rest are gonna be like a2 or a1 things...but err...I havent thought about framing yet o.o"