Friday, 8 May 2009

doublepage spread tester

i followed the guidlines of having 5mm trim around the image, i wasnt sure if they meant a boarder around it or not.
the origanal is watercolor and A3. i would jus like some crit about the text, cuz i had to lighten areas to make it readable :(


  1. oh my god katie this is stunning!!! im going to crawl into a hole now because i have no chance! flawless and the colour palette is gorgeous. hope you're ok

  2. oh sugar i forgot to answer your question- i tihnk the text is fine- the background is faded just enough to make the text visible but not so much that it detracts from the painting.

  3. what the hell are you talking about milan? this is clearly CHERRY'S! lolll
    although I may now pretend to be cherry to claim it as my own ....
    very cool, I love the composition, colours etc!
    And the text is clear too.
    Can't wait to see the rest!

    xx kt.

  4. ohhh shit! i thought it looked a lot like cherrys! ok it was very late last night and i had drunk far too much fanta. cherry your work looks class! x

  5. very professional cherry, though I would play with the tonal quality of the grass surrounding the fairy - to give the impression of boy looking into something which he has just uncovered - get us a cheap colour copy and I'll show you what I mean :)

  6. lol @ milan getting drunk on fanta.
    i was unsure of the background looking a bit too american western ahah may have to add a few more leafs.

  7. this is wicked!!!! milan u dum dum. its all that raving on fri night! tisk!
    cherry ur amazing as i always say ... go get published girl!!