Friday, 10 April 2009


ive just photoshopped the arse off this and tried to tidy it all up- any comments would be appreciated. thanks and hope everyones having a good easter


  1. Hey milan, looking good my man, can tell alot of effort has went into this, trust me i can relate! The colour overall works really well, it really intensifies and brings out the wall and the windows, the jacket as well looks mint. The only bit which looks awkward is the hat, i'm not sure if it's the colour or perhaps the way the lines blend but there's something about it which distracts me? But otherwise it's a beautiful image, hope you're not killing yourself over it!! :D

  2. hey milan!

    it looks super! i really like it. i dont know how you do it! the colour palette in relation to the other image works really nicely. i wish you'd just submit it!!


  3. thanks :) yeah i felt like a div spending hours colouring in miniature leaves. hmm yeah i've looked at the hat- the line seems a bit sharp on the top edge i might try blurring it a little or lowering the opacity. nah i can't submit it :( ive only got two images that are finished. next year though hopefully