Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Charity work :D

This isn't picture books but I'm just really happy :D

I was asked by a friend to design the postcards for her READ dog, a charity organisation that helps children to read by doing it in front of dogs. At the moment there are only two dogs in the UK that are registered to do it.

The postcards will be given to kids after they have read in front of the dog. These are two sketches I've done for it already, and I've just been asked to design them for both teams.
I don't know how far this will go, but so far so good :D


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  2. this sounds coolio- i like the subtle humour of the coffee cup- depending on what they are looking for and how old the children are (im guessing up to 12 years??) you could really go to town with the different scenarios that the dog is in reding his book. as soon as i saw the image on the left i thought it could be in a lounge pimped out with dog stuff and in the background there could be an open window saying something like "ROVER!!! WALKIES!!!" and him not responding because he's got his shnozzle deep in reading. or like double sided postcards with a little girl holding a leash looking a bit lost, and again on the other sde its that image of the dog. i could be talking out of my arse here but sounds like a good little project and will be wickedawesome for your portfolio. good luck with it!!