Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Little Red Riding Hood

Hi everyone, I thought I'd have a go at picture books. Here are some of the images I'm preparing for a dummy book. My scanner is on the blink so these are just photos of my work. I need to scan them in and render them with text too. Not sure about submitting them for Macmillans, I just wanted to have a go really! So let me know what you all think :o) Thanks!


  1. Considering you've done quite a few comics, and been busy i've got serious chops for you just taking this on. The line quality is really impressive and so is the colour palette, my advice would be to work on your style to maybe make it a little more bespoke and personal, but to be honest considering how little time we have and your giving it a go, i would say what you have is strong enough to just have a crack at it and see where you get to! best of luck, and yes i do resent you ever so slightly for just churning this out...i officially have decided to resent children because of picture book, ohh and also i've also decided to give up sleeping as i've decided time sleeping is spent more productive drawing! ...i'm losing the plot

  2. thanks muzza. i gave up sleeping 2 weeks ago when i started this biznatch. you ought to submit too! im not sure if i will have it finished in time. we shall see....

  3. try and get it done in time if you can i reckon itll be wickedawesome. x