Saturday, 18 April 2009

double spread

In case you can't tell, its a cross section view of tunneling under a river (it makes sense in the story, honest!)
I changed the colours using hue/saturation although it looks a little gloomy for children's book perhaps?



  1. hmm yeah it does look a bit dark considering its aimed at littlens but having said that macmillan do for slightly less traditional styles that aren't typical childrens books. if you wanted to lighten it id say make the blue in the sky lighter and maybe the soil also. i love it though and if it wasnt for macmillan id leave it as it was.

  2. I don't think it's too dark context wise at all, i think the colours are more rich as they are, if you brighten them up you may be at risk of making it look tacky, lol like mine does! (sorry to contradict ya there milan) I think it's a beautiful image and the use of mixed media is awesome, i guess the unsettling thing for me is the sharpness of some of the pencil lines within the page, like the tiger, he looks wicked but the greyness of the pencil makes him look slighly flat? but that's the only thing i can think of to construct criticize, well done! :D

  3. I'd leave it too! As the Macmillans will go a little more risky for work of this standard! I love this page, the only one question I will nag you with is Bleed. The figures on both far sides will be cut?

    I see you've also mastered the selections - what process did you go for in the end?

  4. its alright lol like i said i love it but wasn't sure if it should be altered for macmillan. i love you katie! thought id carry on the compliments

  5. ...too much love there milan, too much love

  6. lol thanks for the love milan ... I actually agree with you and murray, I think Macmillans may be looking for a more commercial image (partly why im not submitting) but at the same time, I think uni is a time to take risks - you don't know what will pay off (and what will suck!). I'm sure we will have plenty of time to pander to publishers later! :S

    good luck tomorrow everyone
    kt :)