Saturday, 11 April 2009

First 4 pages and a dummy

Hey guys, i just finished the 4 first pages of my book. Their not the best ones and the text isn't placed yet, but it s a good sample of the colour palette i ll be using and the whole mood anw of the book..the quality here is not that good cz my pc is a bit funny when uploading for blogger so i had to save the pics as bitmaps

These are a few pics of my bnw dummy :)


  1. for the colour palette it's excellent - the drawings are getting better, but again there are quite a few inconsistencies, some of which can be left for the uniqueness, others beg for change - an example is in the third image down where the base of banister rail is in front of the girls hand, and yet her shoulder is in front of the rail - logically impossible - also if you stare at the first image, she looks like a cyclops, by the fact that there is no hint of more to the upper part of her facial features.
    I'm in next Tuesday int he printroom if you're in.
    One more thing, dummy book needs to include cover, end paper, and title page designs.

    But on the whole I thought it was a good step up for the challenge and learning curve that you set yourself

  2. i like the look of this- the drawing style is effective, and the palette creates a warm and magical atmosphere as well. the font's nice as well- though theres a few spelling mistakes on the page opposite the clock image. looks really promising overall!

  3. hey! i think it looks really good for a first go. i like the drawings, they have a real mood about them. how did you bind your book?

  4. um basically i printed them through InDesign as 2-up consecutive and then i sticked the pages. pretty much that s how i made it. sticking pages.
    the end pages n cover were taking concidered at the dummy but still havent designed them and i m not sure i ll have time to even finish the book by monday :s