Monday, 6 April 2009

Progress update

Just a little update on some of my work, Just a small example of some of the pages I've been working on, let me know what you think. I'm aware I'm still lacking that consistent strength for picture book, but I'm happy with my progress to this point, I'm just aiming to get the book finished to best standard i can do, but jump in with constructive criticism as want to keep improving it if I can! Cheers, hope everyone is having a good easter and really impressed with the workload/quality people have been uploading!


  1. hallo muzza. its looking excellent so far! im glad your still going, would you believe i've actually started picture book too!! dont think im gna be able to submit it to macmillans with only having bloody 3 weeks to whip it together!! but ive had a go, ill post some soon.

  2. alright big man. i love your work n yeah like vicky said im glad you carried on even though you struggled at the start because it looks luvvvvlaaaayyy. if i have to criticise i only think the font is still HUUUGE and fear that it is probably visible from space. i just think the big black text is gonna take some attention away from your drawings which should be the first port of call for the readers eyeballs when they see each page. awesome overall. hope your easter is going good

  3. what he said! it's lookin good but tis true the mahhusive text takes attention away from the image. maybe you could play with the placement of the text too, follwing the image down, like the snow falling but words, yeah.or something. :)
    i like your colouring, specially on the bottom image.
    peace x

  4. check the text on books by neal layton - I can't remember the size off hand - I think 16 pt is around right, but it can be smaller!

    I think the line work and the colour palette are very consistent, though I'm not sure if there couldn't be more bodily expression within the direct background objects - does that figure really look like it's riding out the snow?? Still I think your style is developing, and the Macmillans is all about style

  5. sorry that should be more bodily expression in the figures in relation to the connecting background objects