Saturday, 6 March 2010

take 2.

Sorry this has taken so long, my scanner decided it'd be fun not to work. grr, technology.
These are two roughs of the different compositions i thought might be working? In the top one I'm not sure where the boy would go yet- also, the fox isn't so bright because I didn't use pastels but I think I deffo would when doing it properly!..and the bottom one is supposed to be a birds eye view and the fox extends through the trees to the top...the boy is that little thing down near the foxes head. ha.
Any thoughts?
lou x


  1. focus on the fact that it's a in picture book format, and hence will be either a double spread, or single page - plus where will the text go??

    Is that Jenny Levey, or Robson I need to hunt down? sorry I thought it was you :)

  2. good/helpful criticisms from chiu there
    but the combination of different paper textures and pattern is very inspiring :-)
    and love the earthy colour palette

  3. thankyou :)
    and yes, im just drafting it up in book spread form now...
    Cheers Karen, I think it's a little too subtle for me though, the fox is going to have to be quite bright. :)
    And i believe its Jenny Robson chiu, don't quote me on that though....

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  5. i reckon the first one is good, although i'd be careful about the fox's tail hugging that top line, try and bring the fox lower down or add more background above it. the big hunk of beige coloured space on the right side of the spread gives u room for textuals. as for la boy, i would put him behind the most foregroundest (might not be a word) tree right in the middle of the spread maybe hiding leant up against on the right side so he's not cut in half by the central line.
    the second spread idea is obviously more daring because to execute it well u need to get it right so u could keep working on that and see how it goes.
    hope that helps, sorry for the mega ramble x

  6. it was a very helpful ramble, thankyou :) x