Thursday, 4 March 2010


Ok guys, I've been working on this fox composition and have tried various methods and it'd be nice to get some other peoples feedback on them. The above image was where it all began..and then i had a slight change of position because, the cunning fox wouldn't be stood still i don't think. If i were cunning, i certainly wouldn't.

As so basically this is where I'm at now, i have simplified the trees and used a map as the background as the boy is on a journey. The more colourful foxes I've been using pastel for, does this work? The fox on the bottom one I'm aware is a little high up, aha, he's just there to see the colour against that background..
lou x


  1. the map seems to flatten the whole image - Also you need some serious lessons in depth/perspective - maybe you should attend the lessons? (sarcasm) And give me back my Giraffes!!!

  2. alright, first things first! I was poorly sick for ONE lesson! :( and it wasn't me you gave giraffes to! It was jenny.

  3. and i didn't realise how flat it looks :/ I'll crack on with some different perspectives and post some more attempts later.

  4. hey i actually like this flatness.i find that the textures are very interesting as well..the first illu i like how the legs are extended (they are its legs right?) but y is it not finished? i don know what s the story about bt the last image i think it d work better without the looks a bit awkward but if it goes away think it ll be more interesting and it d balance the colour composition better..

  5. ohh, thankyou, I am doing some different compositions as well, which I'll post up soon hopefully if they look any good.
    The first one wasn't finished because it was just a rough in my sketchbook,(i got carried away with changing the position of the fox i guess...) and yes they were legs :)
    The general gist behind this was that the boy was going deep into the woods to find the cunning fox.
    Yes, your right about the head in the last one...i shall have another look at that as well then.
    Thanks again.

  6. I like your work.
    Good creations.