Tuesday, 30 March 2010

rough idea...

urgh, this took forever to upload, and look how tiny it is!!!
I literally just pasted the two images together, haha, so i've ended up cropping out bits of map on the tree and they are also slightly different colours because I've scanned them in separately. ARGH.
anyway, you get the idea. aha.



  1. important information - the squirrel's hands holding a nut may be lost as it's very close to the edge, plus very front on face

  2. oh yeah, i've got his hands covered, there was abit more body to him, the scanner cut it off though, and i will make sure his hands are above the bleed.
    Do you think i should give a slightly tilted face then? :)

  3. I really like this image, especially the use of the maps as part of the collage and how the tree divides the page, even when you see it on a larger scale it still works. I would just say maybe a bit more detail on each animal character to make them stand out a bit more, but overall really good =)