Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Sorry i haven't posted anything sooner, it's taking me ages to do these drawings! I've found this is more difficult than the others. Had some issues with the scanner too, it doesn't pick up the detail or the colour as well as I'd like, lost a lot of shadowing on the window because it was a pale blue but think you can get the idea. I'm having issues with the people on the umbrella image, I didn't want them to be too pronounced but they look a bit messy?

beckie x


  1. I didn't comment because I don't like these images much, as they are far too simplistic compositions with repetitive shapes and colours that too crude compared to some of the images you have produced before - my advise would be to pick another spread which could be more visually exciting

  2. having said although the compositions are basic you've balanced the spread by keeping the views both straight on so theres some symmetry there. the finishing is class as well so theres loads of potential for some badass spreads