Friday, 26 March 2010

Its friday night and I'm feeling....

Hey guys, here is an owl for you. (sorry about the bad scan, scanner doesn't like pastel paper it seems...)
He is saying no, he can't help the boy.

Any thoughts? :)

lou x


  1. like it very much! Why? Simple overall shapes of the owl, tree and map, are filled with touches of detail that draw the eye in, and yet don't look cluttered - the contrast of the white in the map and the rest of the pictures is married by the similarities in the browns of the map and the drawing, and the hand written NO helps to add to this marriage

    The line could still be of better quality, but I would say this is an acceptable entry for MacMillans - the question will be, how will the other spreads fit in?

  2. I like the map in the speech bubble; clever touch!

  3. Yey!

    Thankyou :)I will work on my line quality because it is still a little too sketchy.

    I'm hoping the other spreads will fit in well!
    Guess you'll have to wait and find out....