Tuesday, 30 March 2010


why do i seem to be the only person posting guys!!!?

Anyway...here is the squirrel that would be to the left of the owl. I'm thinking his tail is too messy and i need to sort that out? And his face needs a little work..
I wasn't sure wether to use the same map as i did on the owl because the pages need to look a little different, so i used a slightly different map for this, if it doesn't work i can easily use the other kind.
Also, do you guys think i should have a couple of other squirrels dotted around? Maybe even one on the owls side.

lou xx


  1. quality of line, and tone can still be worked on. Plus re-post as a double spread, and then we can see whether it still works well :)

  2. hang on, i'll do it now....Again, this wasn't a final image so i suppose i was a little rough around the edges with it...

  3. i wanna see another squirrel smooching n ferreting around that bushy tail, firstly it would break up the bushyness and also add some humour maybe? hope that helps