Sunday, 23 August 2009

New Piece

This is another new piece for my children's story, where the boy is fed up of the mundanity of his house. Although in some ways the lack of extreme motion further adds to the feeling you get from the image of silence, for future work with motion however i will work on creating more movement within the image.
Elsewhere i have been trying to work on new characters, stories, and more challenging expressions and scenarios, using the cheapness of amazon to build by kiddie book collection as one of the things which will help with this.
Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, hope everyone is okay!


  1. milaaan your work is soooo detailed. i can just stare at it for ages hehe
    i dont know why but i find this creepy. it gives of a dark mundane feeling. which i think is what you wanted to get across.
    the only thing id say is that i get the feeling of two styles becuase of the boys face, the realism of the figure going through the door.
    but wow milan. you got skillz!!

  2. thanks cherry :) yeah its meant to be a little dark and empty-feeling, yeah i know what you mean the boy looks much more caricatured i've kind of deliberately left everything else realistic but the boy is a little out of place or unique. if it starts to raise more problems though i'll keep it more consistent in the next story. hope ur doing ok cherry! thanks for the nice comments :) x

  3. Endearing, loveable pictures for mid class dotting parents your work is not. You have that social realism feel to your work similar to that of Anthony Brownes. There's even the wallpaper peeling off!!!

  4. i don't know if thats a positive comment or not lol these parts of the story are accentuate the glum-ness, they are polarised with the magical parts so they compliment each other, almost showing two different worlds, the mundane colours like in this image... and the golden glows of the magical creatures

  5. depends on what market you want to get into