Sunday, 2 August 2009

Illustration Cupboard

When i was in London last week i went into the Illustration Cupboard for a quick look round. The Kevin O'Neill exhibition was on of his comic and graphic novel work, which was interesting to see, but not really my style. What was great to see was some Shaun Tan originals which were left over from his exhibition, it was really interesting to see close up his colour work, in pastel and paint, as were usually used to seeing the vivid black and white images. His images were very soft and endearing, i really took quite a bit of inspiration from them. Also really liked the John Vernon Lord images from Alice in Wonderland, as I'm working on some book cover front jackets. And when looking through the signed books i found a great retelling of Beauty and the Beast, illustrated by Angela Barret, which again had amazing soft imagery. I luckily managed to but a signed Shaun Tan book 'tales from outer suburbia' and a signed Robert Ingpen book 'Peter Pan and Wendy'- very happy about these =)
Great trip, and Great inspiration!

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