Wednesday, 5 August 2009


I have been working on creating more powerful backgrounds, luckily this part of the story relied on creating a theatrical atmosphere so i have created this down-the-street decadent view featuring the boy looking up at the skies. I may mute the colours a little more and darken the sky so it looks more intense.

Any comments would be appreciated :)


  1. milan i think this is absolutely beautiful! youve worked so hard on this and it shows in all the detail and carefully chosen colour palette! well done!

  2. thank youuuuu vicki :)
    by the way i ordered that Animation 1 book and it arrived this morning, thanks for the recommendation! hope you're doing well with your work :) x x

  3. hi! my mum likes your work! hahaha! But seriously she does have some aesthetic judgment, so that must be a good sign. She also loves KTC's chickens too, being a previous owner of some.