Monday, 3 August 2009

A Bit More

Yes i know i now need to move onto places and situations etc but i had to develop this character because its something ive never drawn before! So I had a quick sketch of a few typical facial expressions - its helped me get used to the character's face as previously i have only had photo reference of the animal so adapting it into a personality has been tricky!


  1. slightly annoying that its so small! :o/ cant get it any bigger wthout it blurring >:o(

  2. your expressions are wicked! - still have to get hold of that book with all the expressions in that recommended in your presentation. nice stuff!

  3. thanks! yes its a little gem that book, its called animation 1. i use it so much now its really helpful instead of just guessing what the expression might be!and by drawing the same character again and again just in different ways really helps to refine the drawing and the character!