Sunday, 2 August 2009

Update so far =)

Ive been doing alot of sketchbook and colour work so far, working on different stories and again trying to build on my style and ideas. Most recently Ive been working on a range of greeting cards, i found my characters are quite heart warming and appealing hence i felt they would work in this area quite well. I'm liking this idea so far and have created a few different version of cards for different occasions. I m working on three different stories at the moment, building on a new version of my 'Emily' story and also looking at one which incorporates lots of animals and characters. As well as that Ive been doing alot of life drawing work to try and build on my drawing skills which helps me draw my characters in different positions doing things! Ive found this really useful so far, got quite a few ideas in the pipeline for 3d characters and a small character artist book, as well as doing more in depth research and analysis of my style and artists. Seem to be progressing well so far, just a few images of work so far . . . .


  1. the shading on your characters is really coming on, the underneath where the light shines back up to create the subtle reflections of light under the bodies where their legs join, is really impressive.

    I would still say, my main concern, like quite a few other postings, is that you need to focus much more on situations/events/happenings/scenes and less now on static figures.

    "You lot" must be tired of me saying this, but until "you lot" tackle this issue, it will eventually return to bite you back, and only the perhaps the card industry will be interested?

  2. p.s. if I feel that I have learnt something from a students work then you must be going in the right direction - I really do think your method of shading could also sort out lots of other issues that you may have when you create more complete compositions.