Thursday, 13 August 2009


Hey all,
I recently bought Martin Sailbury's book "Illustrating Children's Books" (which is highly recomended by the way). In one chapter about drawing animals, he suggests drawing chickens because of their interesting shapes and "stacatto movements". Coincidentally, my dad recently bought six chickens so I went out drawing them!

All the observational drawing was very good practice for transforming prepartory sketches into my finished drawings. I've already come up with a picture book story, which this is a concept drawing for:


  1. The coloured image has a lovely style reminiscent of early Mattotti - 1993 (after which his picture books get a bit crass):

    beautiful are:
    Eugenio which was made into an animation:

  2. yeah I really like mattotti's work (though, you are right about the later stuff, why did he turn so twee!?)
    I also really like this artist, Oscar Bluemner.

    I'm going to do some more landscapes to work on my backgrounds and try digitally colouring some charchol drawings, like paula metcalf:
    I will post these on my own blog when they're finished.

  3. I love the line quality of the first two pics..I really like how you can show so much energy through only a couple of lines.

    I really enjoyed the composition of the last piece aswell...sightly trippy! Not a big fan of the rendering I might add though, I also think the quality of line is lost too.

    Just my thoughts.

    G :)