Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Spam the blog time

Another new piece for my children's story, i was worried that such focus on purely the boy's face would not be able to carry itself as its own composition, i'm still unsure but i paid particular attention to the eyes and framed the face with the arch created by the father's head and shoulder to draw a point of focus to the boy. Any thoughts?


  1. I'll be honest Milan! Your compositions always make me feel uneasy - apart from the grey one with the mice in the drainage tunnel

    It's this obsession with regimented symmetry, and straight on views - this is not a criticism of the drawing, but more an observation which you should capitalise on - how do you keep us engaged with this enigmatic style?

  2. nah to be honest its probably just something i do subconsciously as a way around drawing more challenging angles so i'll work on that, i don't want every page to look the same compositionally.
    the next one i have planned is very different which will be useful in showing some variety to my current illustrative approach.
    thanks for your comments chiu :)

  3. I agree with chiu on the compositions, there is something that makes me feel uneasy, but it also draws me in and makes me look more. The positive of this is as that it's interesting and that your delicate work will gain more appreciation, but at the same time I would say just be aware of it in particular to fine details as any iffy bits are more likely to be noticed? haha I'm sure you'll have nothing to worry about though!