Tuesday, 15 September 2009

hi guys. me again lol
i thought this cud belong in picture books blog, since its in picture book format :) kinda.
iam actually pretty proud of the snakes in this page cuz i cudnt draw snakes faces and lizard textures for shit when i started. this is page one of a mini picture book i want to make for promotional material, and to sell at artists book fair :)
the text is a sonnet by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, about lilith which he depicts as human form in one of his most famous paintings. any thoughts and crit would be awsome, as i kinda struggle making artists books.


  1. Drawing is great, though the lady looks a bit rough, as in she's pretty ugly looking.

    The text, like nearly all students, is close to pants - we all really need to work on our lettering!

  2. First picture book workshop - lettering!

  3. thanx for the crit. il defo work on the text more. and yah my mum said shes ugly too lol but i kinda liked it that way.

  4. s'alright, my mum thinks all my pictures are ugly (hmm she could be right)