Wednesday, 25 March 2009

second composition

this will be a full bleed page, there will be light colour on this too. in terms of narrative it directly follows the image below. any suggestions? thank you


  1. Okay Milan I know you love honesty so I'm going to be more constructive than just saying wow!

    The window frames in terms of perspective don't really add up, but more important the leaves don't go over the frames so they look like wallpaper instead of over hanging ivy, the black lined bricks under the guttering look heavy, and the window that is opened doesn't look opened because the grey shading is the same as a non opened window
    apart from that, wow1

  2. argh lol i do appeciate your honesty and i totally agree you've picked out every flaw! ive just looked at it again and yeah the perspective looks a bit bent! i think its the bottom window that doesn't follow the perspective of the other two. i'll try some subtle photoshopping because itll take an age to redraw the thing again. thanks for your comments chiu :)

  3. no probs! I may start asking some of you lot for help on my work soon, it's always best to get a pair of fresh eyes to look at your work when you can