Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Recommended Reading

I've been trying to rewrite my story (the fox one was abit too cutesy for me really >.>) so I've been looking at books with the focus mainly on interesting/amusing approaches to stories. One of the best I found in my collection was Dr Xargle's Book of Earthlets: An alien's view of earth babies by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross. Its the whole concept of looking at things from a different perspective that I really like. The whole book centres around the idea of aliens looking at human babies and pointing out how odd they are (similar to my idea of animals trying to describe a human but done alot better).

Next we have Babette Cole's (who I really like) Truelove. This is again taken from an interesting perspective, that of a dog whos owners have just had a baby. We see the desperate attempts of the dog, who is called Truelove, to help out with the baby (all of them going wrong) such as where the dog brings the baby a dead mouse "Love means sharing" and so on. Very touching (without being too sappy) book but also very amusing.

I could list more but I don't wanna flood the blog >.> They've just been useful for me when thinking about taking a different perspective and being creative...A lot of the time you can only get away with these things in kids books!

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